ExoPlanetNews is a monthly electronic Newsletter listing abstracts of newly accepted papers in the Exoplanet Field including:

  • Discoveries and observations of exoplanets
  • Protostellar and Debris Disks
  • Theoretical simulations of planet formation
  • Exoplanetary atmospheres and interiors
  • Comparative planetology
  • Formation and dynamics of planetary systems
  • Planetary evolution and habitability
  • Instrumentation and missions
  • Origin and evolution of life on terrestrial planets
  • Co-evolution of life, atmospheres and climate
  • Characterisation of terrestrial exoplanets
  • Detection of biomarkers

Other sections describe recent PhD theses, new meetings, new books and job offers specifically aimed at the ExoPlanet community

ExoPlanetNews will be published close to the beginning of each calendar month.To be added to the circulation list, please send an email to the Editor by clicking here. Currently: 1350 subscribers.

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Next issue due: At the beginning of September 2017